In order to avoid confusion, we have included the following clarification with regard to certain establishments that do not post a grading result. There are two reasons why no result may be posted:

  • The establishment has not been graded yet.   
  • The establishment has opted not to post its grading result.

The various classifications are administered and applied by the Corporation de l'industrie Touristique du Québec. For any comments or information:
Telephone: 450 679-3737   I   Toll-free: 1 866 499-0550   I   Email:   I   Web Site:

All establishments certified Terroir et Saveurs and offering accommodation
are rated at least 2 stars or 3 suns. soleils.

  • BED & BREAKFAST CLASSIFICATION (SUNS): applies to Bed & Breakfasts and some Country In
  • HOTEL CLASSIFICATION (STARS): applies to Country Inns
  • TOURIST HOME CLASSIFICATION (STARS): applies to City or Country Homes

Evaluation in progress

 /  Establishment with basic facilities and services that meet the standards for quality

Comfortable establishment with good quality facilities, offering some services and amenities


Very comfortable establishment, with excellent facilities, offering many services and amenities


Establishment offering superior comfort, among the best, with superb facilities and a wide range of services and amenities.


Exceptionally comfortable, top-of-the line establishment in terms of comfort and facilities, and the many amenities and impeccable service offered.