Québec's Wine Route (Provincial Road)

Although Québec’s viticulture can trace its roots back to the experiences of the first colonists, it was between the years 1980 and 1996 that 75 wine producers decided to defy Québec’s harsh climate and firmly establish this art by creating a commercial viticulture. This daring development allows us today to travel Québec’s Wine Route, crossing the eastern, central and western portions of the province, the Eastern Townships and the Montérégie. Make a detour along pretty country roads - the wineries of Québec will welcome you to partake in enjoyable visits and tours, and astonishing wine tastings. Let’s take it as read - Québec wines have become flavourful and possess all the right qualities to grace our tables. Take advantage of these delightful stops along the route to explore regions rich in attractions and good food. And finally, did you know that several wineries offer the opportunity to join in the grape harvests?
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  • Gaspésie Gourmande

    Gaspésie - take a gourmet tour!
    Take a gourmet tour of Gaspésie - it’s also a tour of the peninsula on which you’ll discover the gastronomic treasures of its artisans, farmers and processors, as well as the stores, restaurants and places to stay where these products are sold or served.

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  • Saveurs du Bas-Saint-Laurent

    The Lower St. Lawrence - a delightful treat filled with all the aromas of the river!
    A foray into a tasty world of the Lower Saint Lawrence region means filling a picnic basket with delicious terroir products, sitting down and… watching the sun set over the river!

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  • Goûtez Lanaudière

    Happiness is to be found on every road…
    A region of multiple flavours, Lanaudière offers you a wide variety of terroir products. Take its country roads and meet the farmers and artisan processors who are working to showcase and promote the region’s terroir.

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