Meet the men and women who shape and transform the Québec terroir and make agritourism and food tourism unique ways to tour Québec!

There’s so much to discover and learn about Québec products, that you’ll need to take to the road and make the acquaintance of the farmers and artisans who shape and transform the Québec terroir with such passion. Today there are so many vineyards, wineries, cheese makers, maple groves and sugar shacks, farms, honey producers, micro breweries and more, from which we can fill our larders, and which supply restaurants, specialty grocery stores and terroir boutiques with tasty Québec products. Also deserving mention are the farmers and artisans who process goat’s milk, lavender, emu oil, mohair and alpaca wool into beauty products or fabrics and warm clothing. 

Depending on the location selected, visit a Farm Shop, a Farm Exploration or a sugar shack – it’s fun to watch animals up close and feed them, enjoy a sweet snack, sample good wines, ciders, ice ciders, ice wines, local cheeses, or visit a U-pick for strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or apples. In brief, you can plan outings based around food and take advantage of the many products from Québec. Moreover, agritourism is an authentic, original way to tour Québec. When you stop at a Farm Shop, a Farm Exploration or a sugar shack, you’ll be amazed at the diversity of regional products and the originality of the tours and activities offered.


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« Honey – Maple – Apple » the trio of flavours at Intermiel!

This beautiful fall, head in the direction of Mirabel for a trio of flavours - honey, apple and maple! This trio is called Intermiel and Michelle and I chose a beautiful sunny day for the pleasure of making a stop here. We were welcomed by Eléonore Macle. For almost 10 years, Eléonore has been running this wonderful family business founded by her parents, Viviane and Christian Macle... READ MORE>>


It’s U-Pick time! Pick, munch, pick…

For many others (if not the majority!), U-Pick is among the TOP activities of the harvest season! A light sweater, a basket, a big grin and you’re all set to go for a day of U-Pick and lots of fun - you can pick, munch, pick… until your basket is filled to the brim. Add even more fun to the outing - take a look at our “U-Pick” suggestions and the activities they offer. READ MORE >>


Labonté de la pomme, where apples and honey smell so good together!

When August comes to a close with its gentle rays of warm sunshine and unique light, making the blue of the sky and the green of nature incredibly beautiful, the scent of apples and honey fills the air at Labonté de la pomme - Verger & Miellerie. The orchard is on the side of the mountain, with impressive views over the Oka valley... READ MORE>>



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    • Farm Exploration
    • Evaluation:

    A visit to Petits fruits d'Evélyne is an occasion to do more than pick your own blueberries and raspberries! When you visit this educational little farm, you’ll learn about the cultivation of these berries, and about ...

    Find out more about this establishment >>


    • Terroir Shop
    • Evaluation:

    Located only 30 minutes from Montreal, at the base of the Adirondacks, Le Chat Botté (Puss in Boots) invites you to discover 100 % Quebec-made exceptional wines, including their specialty: straw wines. Winner of ...

    Find out more about this establishment >>


    • Farm Exploration
    • Evaluation:

    Nestled in the Val-David mountainside our certified organic medecinal herb garden, carved into impressive terraces, offers visitors a unique educational and cultural experience along with a breathtaking view. Growing, ...

    Find out more about this establishment >>

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